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HI! Uh okay, so.. it's me again HAHAH;;; /spams ur flist /WITH LOVE

FIRST OF ALL, HI HI HI to new buddies [ profile] gumi & [ profile] resound! 'SUP, I AM MARIA the friendly neighborhood weirdo HERE IS MY INFO in case you are interested~ MY CONTACT POST IS HERE in case you are ALSO interested in it. (yes I know my contact post is kinda creepy;; I WANNA KNOW ALL ABOUT YOUUU i mean what /cries SHARE AS MUCH AS YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH!)

speaking of contact post, can you guys who commented on it see my replies? /unsure I HOPE YOU CAN klfjsdklj /dies

Also also also! Since one of my new year's resolutions is to WRITE MOAR, BETCH (my inner self is so rude;;), HAVE THIS:

If you could force me to write anything, what would it be?

Anything meaning any kind of story (fan or original). Not saying it'll ever happen, but who knows what the muse might latch on to?

I BLATANTLY STOLE IT FROM [ profile] anasyrma but i'm sure some of you have it too, HAHAH;; REQUEST, PLEASE? I've been in the mood to write write write since yesterday ♥ (also for those of you who requested drawings some time ago, I DID NOT FORGET i just need a memory card for my camera to share them ljfdjks)

okay that is all, thank yooou /hides under a rock
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