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HI! Uh okay, so.. it's me again HAHAH;;; /spams ur flist /WITH LOVE

FIRST OF ALL, HI HI HI to new buddies [ profile] gumi & [ profile] resound! 'SUP, I AM MARIA the friendly neighborhood weirdo HERE IS MY INFO in case you are interested~ MY CONTACT POST IS HERE in case you are ALSO interested in it. (yes I know my contact post is kinda creepy;; I WANNA KNOW ALL ABOUT YOUUU i mean what /cries SHARE AS MUCH AS YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH!)

speaking of contact post, can you guys who commented on it see my replies? /unsure I HOPE YOU CAN klfjsdklj /dies

Also also also! Since one of my new year's resolutions is to WRITE MOAR, BETCH (my inner self is so rude;;), HAVE THIS:

If you could force me to write anything, what would it be?

Anything meaning any kind of story (fan or original). Not saying it'll ever happen, but who knows what the muse might latch on to?

I BLATANTLY STOLE IT FROM [ profile] anasyrma but i'm sure some of you have it too, HAHAH;; REQUEST, PLEASE? I've been in the mood to write write write since yesterday ♥ (also for those of you who requested drawings some time ago, I DID NOT FORGET i just need a memory card for my camera to share them ljfdjks)

okay that is all, thank yooou /hides under a rock
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FUCK IT I CAN'T SLEEP-- oh my god something meowed outside my SECOND STORY window. /what

..or was that my stomach. (huh)

ANYWAY! WELCOME, NEW BUDDIES FROM THAT ONE MEME; [ profile] neneno, [ profile] milkfed, [ profile] tyrannicalalien, [ profile] lithographic, [ profile] projection, [ profile] sweeter, [ profile] catalysis, [ profile] radarsparks, and [ profile] jazalove! YES I AM NAME DROPPING this is a call out to all of you, since i just realized i share friends with some of you HAHAH;; SWEET NIBBLETS! (i have no idea what i am saying anymore) also i'd like to say i am not usually like this, but I AM. /CRAI

{ps thank you for not running away from me when i approached you, also THANKS TO THOSE TO RECC-ED ME SOME PEOPLE and pimped me in turn HAHAH lol i got pimped lol OH SHUCKS ILU /maidenly blush)

s-sob ANYWAY, moving on from my failRAMBLINGS, i have made a CONTACT POST for this new occassion. I AM GENEROUS, PRAISE ME. /PREENS (also because it was about damn time, amirite lol;;) IF I DON'T HAVE YOUR DIGITS-- uuuh, info-- uuuh, STUFF, then please2bdropping me a line? THANK YOU. ♥ (and YES, the title is from Kim Possible, Arielle. SO?! /lolwhat)

Oh yeah, HI I AM MARIA, NICE TO MEET YOOOU~~~ /late /wtf self HAHA

uuuh let's see what else... AH, YES! My intro post can be found HERE, in case ANYONE CARES-- i edited a bit and stuff! C8 ALSO FEEL FREE TO DROP ME A TESTIMONIAL AT ANY TIME-- yes this is directed towards ALL of my flist. /peers at you with LAZER EYES AAAA /loves you all ♥


oh yeah i have a weakness for cute things. AND BRIGHT COLORS if you... hadn't noticed by looking around my journal kjfajd;;; I SHOULD ADD THAT TO MY INTRO! /goes to do so

i guess that's all? OH OH AND THANK YOU GUYS FOR RECC-ING ME AND PIMPING ALL THAT MUSIC AT ME LAST POST ilu forever eeee~*~*~ /DAZZLES YOU! feel free to spam me with music there any time, k? C8 C8 /shameless /greedy

LOL OKAY that's all i gotta say-- wow i talk a lot, don't i. ..I'M KINDA NUTS, AREN'T I-- oh well. If I have't scared ya away yet, see ya around~!! C8

(ps [ profile] cory1313: you, me, and the mall tomorrowtoday. i seriously need to go out too and FUCK I CRAVE CHINESE AGAIN sob.) /done
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stolen from [ profile] technophile

01. Type your answer to each of the above questions into Flickr’ssearch.
02. Using only the images that appear on the first page, choose your favorite and copy and paste each of the URLs into the Mosaic Maker. (3 columns, 4 rows)

wtf most of these are adorable animals WHY )

And I'll have you all know this was a bitch to make. I HAD TO MAKE AN ACCOUNT FOR YAHOO AND FLICKER AND AND lfkasjd i only didn't give up because it's four AM and i can't sleep (okay so i am keeping my procastinating brother company SHUT UP) and I am DETERMINED, damn it. PERSEVERAAAANCE~! (okay so i am really stubborn lajfdk)

it.. is really cute though. ♥ i swear next post will be more important or sth lol;;;
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I miscounted, so WHAT;;; -defensive- Uh, oh wait, probably none of you guys are gonna catch it, anyway, since I am gonna fix it RIGHT now---

Never mind, then. :'D

So! I actually "forgot" I had an lj for about two days-- it was two days, right?-- & yeah. Relaaax, I didn't really forget-- dude, I know I've got a short attention span, but it's not THAT bad;;;-- but I might as well have since I didn't log in & junk. IT WAS COOL except not really because I haven't been commenting on entries as is;;;;



lafjdskf AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA & IT GOES EVEN BETTER WHEN YOU SEE IT LIKE THIS-- notice anything unusual about the 'info'? DJSL AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA~!!!!! x'D

lkfjads o-orz I get amused so damn easily;; ALSO I REALLY GOT INTO THE OLYMPICS FOR SOME REASON damn nationalism BUT YOU PROBABLY KNEW THAT ALREADY IF YOU HAVE ME ON TWITTER. I spam it so much rofl WELL AT LEAST it's amusing, right? ...right?! D': it's not, isn't it /wrist So due to this obsession, I decided to look up the video of the opening ceremony (which I so BRILLIANTLY missed-- way to go, you dumb butt, you weren't even ASLEEP YOU DON'T HAVE THAT EXCUSE--). Uuuuh, I couldn't find it but I did FIND this brilliant piece of ironic irony. :) What can I say? The small things in life make me happy~

AND SINCE I AM RANDOMLY PICSPAMMIN YOU BUT NOT REALLY, HAVE THIS TOO. >:| i get bored, okay, don't judge-- afjadks. ;_;

also I realize there are still some people that I am missing from my other journal, so I'll add them right after this? or after sleeping, idk. DEPENDS ON MY MOOD but I am definitely adding them, MISS YOU WTF;;; :'D

GOOOOOO U.S. A.-- mexico, why do you suck, only that one swimmer doesn't suck sob-- GOOOO, USA!!! :'D

...what, I get tired of cheering for teams that never win. ;A;


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